DJ Siobhan

DJ Siobhan plays her music at Tangoclub concert and milonga Kasteel De HaarDJ Siobhan

DJ Siobhan grew up in Scotland where she lived and worked until 2006. She studied Fine Arts and danced for most of her life. Ballet, Jazz and modern dance.  In 2000 she started with Argentine Tango and she has her own school in Gouda (Las Rosas del Tango).

As a Tango-DJ, she is know for her sensitivity and ability to tune in to what’s happening on the dancefloor. She chooses music which supports a good flow and which touches the moods she feels amongst the dancers. She plays 100% traditional tango, with a strong focus on the Golden Age years, stuctured in the traditional way in tandas with cortinas.

She will be our DJ at our concert and milonga in Tangoclub De Haar

These are a few of her favorite tango’s