Tangotrio San Telmo

Tangotrio San Telmo

The Argentine Tango originate from the combination of folk-music, jazz and classical music. It makes the music very accessible for a broad audience. Tangotrio San Telmo brings appealing interpretations of the genre and takes dancers as well as music lover on a inspiring trip through the rich musical world of tango.

The trio consist of Gerardo Agnese (bandoneon), Barbara Varassi (piano) and Kay Sleking (double bass) and plays melancholic, lively and playfull tango’s, milonga’s and walzes. The repertoire has tango-standrds from the early years of tango, played in a recent arrangement. It will be combined with newer compositions of  the important innovator of tango: Astor Piazzolla.

10723364_10152454571284053_763433620_n Gerardo Agnese


Gerardo got a university degree in bandoneon at Rosario Music University Argentina, studying with Maestro Domingo Federico and Maestro Javier Martinez Lo Re. He has been part of amongst others el Orquesta Juvenil de Tango del IPPM, Orquesta de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Tango del Callejon Trio. Now he plays with Sexteto Andorinha and Tango Tinto in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland


 10721446_10152454576634053_1792085864_nBarbara Varassi

Barbara Varassi got a piano degree at Instituto Provencial del Profesorado de Musica, Argentina and specialized in Argentinian tango with maestro Javier Martinez Lo Re. She has been part of amongst others el Orquesta Juvenil de Tango del IPPM, Orquesta de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Buenos Aires Tango Company, Tango del Callejon Trio, giving concerts in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Algeria, Austria and Switzerland. She also participated with „Gotan Project” in their last CD.





10718383_10152454566574053_378715848_oKay Sleking

Kay Sleking is Musical Coordinator of the tangoclubs during the Amsterdam Tangoweek. His mission: let people enjoy the beauty of tango-music. He also performs. Solo,  in an ensemble or in an orchestra. The tango he plays is pure. Also in combination with other musicians his tango-music is melancholic.

He played with a wide variety of musicians and on a broad range of stages. He played in Het Concertgebouw, De Kleine Comedy in Amsterdam. And concert hall De Doelen in Rotterdam. He performed in theaters in Canada (Vancouver) North and South America (Buenos Aires, San Fransisco, New York), France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland etc. In tango formation ,,Marlous Lazal Y Che Tango”  he played with bandoneonist Alfredo Marcucci.

In Antwerp (Belgium), he is the initiator of the ‘Koffiefabriek’, a tangoclub where music and dance blend in to be enjoyed on friday-nights.